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Why Not To Go Direct & Instead Go With KPI

Meet The Derby's

Let me tell you a story of a new client of ours, let's call them the Derby's. Mr & Mrs. Derby are a younger couple and felt confident that they could do the insurance companies directly, and things went smoothly, or so they thought. Mr. Derby called in, explaining they purchased a vacant property and were going to renovate it and either rent it or sell it. The customer service rep with the company, "who are supposedly licensed in the state," told them that they could put it on a landlord or dwelling fire policy which Mr. Derby said that sounded good, and they went ahead and started the policy. What Mr. Derby doesn't know is that following this person's advice will cost him a lot of money. After having all new appliances put in at the house, Mr. Derby comes back the next day to find the back door kicked in and all of the new appliances gone. The amount they spent on the appliances was just over $7,000. Mr. Derby turns in a claim with the company, and the inspector comes out and finds the house is vacant and reports it back to the company. The company contacted the Derby's and made them aware they are denying the claim because the home was vacant and their policy requires a tenant. The Derby's policy was canceled with the company, and they had to repurchase the same appliances out of their own pocket. Speaking with the Derby's after this and explaining how all of their properties and vehicles need to be covered, they said they wished they would have come to us first.

This is why it is best to talk to a local independent insurance advisor at Kansas Preferred Insurance Group. Our agents have the knowledge to cover your needs correctly and, with over 60 companies, find the best value for your specific needs. Don't be a Derby.

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