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Commercial Umbrella Insurance from Kansas Preferred Insurance Group: Give Your Business Peace of Mind

Commercial umbrella insurance from Kansas Preferred Insurance Group can help protect your business from the unexpected. Our policies can help you recover from major claims, so you can focus on running your business. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial umbrella insurance solutions.

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Kansas Commercial Umbrella Insurance Explained

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Commercial Umbrella Insurance provides an extra layer of liability protection by covering your business above and beyond your other policy's liability coverage limits.


For example, a client is walking in your parking lot and steps in a hole and falls, which in turn breaks their wrist.  You are then sued by that client and found liable for $2 million, but you only have $1 million liability with your business owner's policy.  You would be held responsible for the remaining $1 million.  Unless you had at least a $1 million umbrella, that would make up the $1 million difference.

What Does A Commercial Umbrella Cover?

A commercial umbrella policy covers the same type of incidents as a business owner's liability, such as attorney fees and damages in the event of a lawsuit and medical expenses.

Selecting the correct Kansas commercial umbrella insurance depends on several factors, not limited to the amount of assets you need to protect, and the size of your company.  Our experienced Kansas commercial umbrella insurance advisors can help guide you through the process and help you select the correct commercial umbrella insurance for your specific needs

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Here our partnership begins.  We learn about your individual needs to help you find the best coverage for your circumstances and budget.

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