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Kansas Preferred Insurance Group: Get Answers to Your Insurance Questions

These are our most frequently asked questions from our clients and prospects. 

Does Credit Affect My Insurance?

Insurance companies partly use credit scores to rate policies for what is known as an insurance score. Now, what does an insurance score entail? Well, it is the combination of your credit score, driving record, and number and severity of home claims.

What Does Full Coverage Mean?

Full Coverage means that you have Comprehensive Coverage and Collision coverage on your vehicle or vehicles. I have heard many people believe that Full Coverage means you have Roadside Assistance and Rental Car Coverage, this however is not true.

Why Choose Us?

What separates KPI from other agencies is our ability to offer our clients multiple companies and a deep-rooted knowledge of the insurance industry that allows us to correctly guide our clients in all situations.

Does My Policy Cover A Car I Rented?

The answer is mostly if you were to be in an accident in a rental car, your insurance would pay to replace the vehicle if you have full coverage on one of your vehicles.  However, your insurance does not cover the downtime that the rental car company can not use the rental vehicle. This means the car is in the body shop for a week being repaired, and the rental car company would charge you for that week as if you had the vehicle.

Should You Turn In That Windshield Claim?

Turning in a windshield claim on your insurance policy is not always the best idea.  Before calling your agent, check online with a company such as Safelite. Your windshield might cost less than your deductible.

What Is An Umbrella?

An Umbrella policy adds additional liability that goes beyond the limits of your other policies, such as home or auto.  It provides an extra layer of protection in the event you are sued for damages caused to others.

What To Do After An Accident That's Not Your Fault?

If the accident was not your fault, do not call your company to turn in the accident. If you do, you will have to pay your deductible.  Instead, contact the insurance company of the at-fault driver, and they will pay for the damages, and you will not have to pay your deductible.

Water Is Leaking Into My Basement Am I Covered?

In most cases, the answer is no. For insurance companies, water coming into your home, say from an egress window, is considered a flood. Now I hear you saying, but I have water-sewer backup coverage. Water backup only covers water damage resulting from a backed-up drain or sump pump.

Request A Quote

Here our partnership begins.  We learn about your individual needs to help you find the best coverage for your circumstances and budget.

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