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Whole Life 

Deciding on the right Kansas Whole Life Insurance policy mainly depends on your future goals. Whether you would like to leave funds to your beneficiaries to pay off your home or replace lost income in the event of your passing. Our experienced advisors at Kansas Preferred Insurance Group will help you choose the best policy to fit your needs for the best price. 


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Kansas Whole Life Insurance Explained

Why You Should Have Life Insurance?

Life Insurance is designed to keep your family's financial future secure in the event of your passing.  What would happen to your family if you were no longer able to contribute?  Would your family be able to continue to live the way they have become accustomed to?  Could they afford to stay in their same home, school, and other favorite pass times?

Life Insurance takes the worry of what would happen to your loved ones.

Whole Life Insurance:

Provides long-term protection that may last your entire life while building guaranteed cash value. The minimum amount of coverage available is usually $10,000-$100,000 depending on the company.  With the ability to add many optional coverage's listed below.

Accidental Death Benefit Rider Benefit:

Provides for payment of an additional death benefit when death occurs accidentally before the age of 70.

Children's Term Life Insurance Benefit Rider:

Provides level term coverage on the insured's children, up to $10,000 each.  Protection on each child begins following their 14th day of life and continues to age 25 when coverage may be converted up to five times the initial benefit amount.

Selecting the correct Kansas whole life insurance depends on several factors, not limited to the amount of assets you need to protect.  Our experienced Kansas whole life insurance advisors can help guide you through the process and help you select the correct whole life insurance for your specific needs.

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Here our partnership begins.  We learn about your individual needs to help you find the best coverage for your circumstances and budget.

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