• Christian Turnbaugh

You Were In An Accident That Wasn't Your Fault, What Do You Do?

It has happened to many people you are sitting at a stoplight, and the person behind you doesn't stop in time and rear-ends you. You both get out, most likely the other driver apologizes, the police comes and takes down both of your information. But what do you do after that? Do you call your insurance agent and get a claim going on your policy, or do you call the other driver's company to get a claim started? Well, today, you will learn what is in your best interest to do.

In the scenario above of being rear-ended by another driver, you should NOT call your agent to turn in a claim on your policy. Now I know what you are thinking but Christian, I was in an accident. I need my car fixed. Yes, this is true, but did you know that if you turn in the claim on your policy, you will have to pay your deductible and lose your claim-free discount, which is from 5-10%, depending on the company? So what you should do is call and turn in a claim on the driver responsible for the accident, in our example, the driver that rear-ended you. This way, you do NOT have to pay your deductible and lose the claims-free discount on YOUR policy. DON'T penalize YOURSELF for other people's mistakes.

In the case that the other driver does not have insurance, or their insurance does not provide enough coverage for your medical bills or damage to your vehicle, then you would have to turn it in on your policy.

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